Thursday, March 7, 2013

In Between: Sagada Smitten

I'd be starting 'In Between' updates in the spirit of me being unable to post real-time or as often as I should. It could be due to the following reasons: too busy with work and school, too tired, too fed up with my snail-pace internet connection, too lazy or simply just preferred sleep over facing a blinking cursor. ;D

I took a trip to Sagada in the Mountain Province in November of 2012 and it was my third visit, coinciding with my first solo trip. Blogging about it soon... :)

7 hours bus ride to Baguio
7 hours bus ride to Sagada
Spelunking at Lumiang-Sagada Caves
Rappel and rock climb at Echo Valley
River-trekking to Pongas Falls
Bonfire and beer with the locals
Daybreak stars and wishing on falling ones
Climbing Mt. Ampacao to catch the sunrise
Hiking to Lake Danum
Visiting Ub Ubbo Pottery
Touring the town
7 hours bus ride to Baguio
7 hours bus ride to Manila
Three nights. Four days. Pine trees. Blue skies. Chilly air. Amazing people.
I fall in love with this place over and over again.

Music Credits:
Blown Away - A Fine Frenzy
I Want The Sky - Lucy Schwartz