Saturday, September 15, 2012

Kwentong Kaladkarin #42: Davao Backpacker Stay – Green Windows Dormitel

Da Where: Davao City, Philippines
Da When: August 11-15, 2012
Da Who: me and Deej, on our Davao Duo trip

"So we're sharing the room with other people, okay? So is the bathroom. And you'd be sleeping on the upper bunk bed until a guest from the bottom bunk bed checks out."

Deej was babbling to me on the phone while I was making my way to NAIA Terminal 3. She flew on Air Asia to Davao a few hours earlier than my Cebu Pacific flight. Due to last minute change of plans, she had to find a place for us to stay for the next 4 nights and preferably within our allotted budget.

Duh. I can sleep like a baby on tents and floors. Anything with a bed and a decent mattress is luxury for me. :D

All the expectation setting was not needed, it turned out. When the cab I took from the airport rolled in to the lobby of Green Windows Dormitel in FTC Building, a uniformed security officer approached with an umbrella to shield me from the drizzle and immediately grabbed my luggage. I was promptly deposited to the elevator to get to the 5th floor where I only had say my name and was quickly pointed to the backpacker stay room. Nice service. :)

There's even a fruit platter for guests on our second day, for Kadayawan Festival. :D
Wide hallways

The room was better than expected. It was large and does not feel cramped even with 6 double-deck beds inside. The other side of the room has built-in closets for guests to leave their stuff. Bring your own locks though. The air-conditioning was also adequate and can sometimes be even too cold to my liking.

Most of the occupants used the brown bed coverlet to hang on their beds as curtains and afford some privacy. The room we were in were exclusively for female guests. The room next door are for male guests and they sometimes drop in to check on their friends though this is clearly prohibited in the room reminders posted on the wall. Oh well. Just make sure you're not in any state of undress at any time. :D

Bunk beds
Locker closets and shower and comfort rooms
The mattresses were comfy, not lumpy, and the sheets can be changed daily if requested.

The room also has a shower and a comfort room, with toilet paper and hot water for use. The water pressure is a little something to get used to, felt like trickles of rain instead of a proper shower but for PhP188.00/night, I'm not one to complain. They don't do multi-day booking though so you need to drop by the reception desk everyday before 1100H and inform them that you're staying for another night.

The dormitel also had a cafeteria where budget meals are served. The common room has a sofa set for lounging and warching television. And get this, they even have free wifi! Best deal on accommodations ever! :)

The dormitel cafeteria. They also sell Krispy Kremes here! :)
The lounge area with coin-operated massage chairs and cable TV
Clean and well-stocked cafeteria

If you're looking for an inexpensive place to stay in Davao and you're not finicky about sharing rooms with strangers, then this is your best bet. I may just come stay here again the next time I find myself in Davao. :)

Green Windows Dormitel
FTC Tower, 5th Floor, 1034 Mt. Apo St., Davao City, Philippines
(082) 300 3893

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