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Kwentong Kaladkarin #52: Spicy Legazpi – The Trip's Travel Tips

Da Where: Legazpi, Albay, Philippines
Da When: September 27-29, 2012
Da Who: me and first-time travel buddies from work, Red and Meis :)

With so many things to do and so many things to see in the Bicolandia, a weekend trip would probably make you groan and say "I wish I were staying longer!"

Ditto. However, a weekend trip is entirely possible. Take it from me, who didn't even plan where to stay, where to go and what to see. Okay, maybe not the 'what to see' part. I did read up a bit to get me all hyped up. :D

Magayon Mayon from Embarcadero
Where to Stay

Alicia Hotel was comfort, convenience and cost-effective. Only five minutes away from the airport, they offer free airport transfers. We only called when we flew in so thank heavens a Standard Double Room was available for only for PhP2, 000 plus an additional PhP 600 for the extra person. All comes with free use of pool and a set breakfast. Not bad, ey?

The staff were extra-nice (except for that cranky midnight hunger phone call I made - no outside deliveries allowed. Ugh.) and helpful with our queries. We were digging the lovely bathroom and quirky shower too.   ;D I think Meis extra-dug the flat-screen TV and cable. Haha!

Our very comfy twin beds. Not in the picture - a flat-screen TV and a uber-cold AC unit. :D
Clean and nice-smelling. Just the way I like it. :)
The petal-like contraption rotates when you turn on the shower. Weeeh! Hahaha!
Spacious dining area

Alicia Hotel
Capt. Aquende Drive, Legazpi City
(052) 481-0801, 481-4808

Where to Go / What to See

For details on our shenanigans, I refer you to my previous posts. To make your life easy, go look for Nice or Sarah from Mayon ATV Tours. They're probably the nicest Bicolana tour guides you can get and not bad for the tour rates too. They can arrange everything from reliable transpo to learning your historical tidbits. :)

Don't miss out on trying sili ice cream, see Mayon up close (we didn't get to zipline or try the ATV because of the damn rain, boo!) and sample spicy-licious fare. It burns but it tastes oh-so-good!

Yummy sili ice cream!
Bicol Adventure Tours
Nice Borabo - +639153254197
Sarah Jane Navarrete - +639072427001

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