Friday, May 20, 2016

Kwentong Kaladkarin #54: Kissed Kuala Lumpur and I Liked It!

Da Where: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Da When: July 5, 2014
Da Who: me, myself and I!

My first ever border-crossing via land transport was my Singapore to Malaysia day trip. All on my own, short but sweet trip. :)

- Crossed the Singapore-Malaysia border via bus (book through or at Golden Mile Complex in Kallang) with SG$55 round-trip fares. Passports will be stamped at both SG and MY immigration counters. Tip: Take note of your bus number so you know you're getting on the right one after getting your passport stamped. Take your stuff with you when going through the immigration counters.

- Slept through the 5-hour ride in deluxe massage chairs, leaving Singapore around midnight. Got dropped off at Berjaya Times Square. Most establishments are still closed at 5:00am. Walked a couple blocks to Bukit Bintang and saw a 24-hr McDonald's. The McSpicy Chicken sandwich tasted weird. Took 2 bites and gave up on breakfast. Tip: Don't get your SG dollars exchanged in SG. If you have an international ATM card, just withdraw ringgit from the nearest convenience store.

- Saved on my ringgit by taking the KTM train (RM2) to Batu Caves in Selangor instead of a taxi (anywhere between RM60-70). From KL Sentral station (Stesen KL Sentral), the P. Lang (red) line last station stops at Batu Caves. No entrance fee. Bring bottled water for the 250+ steps climb to the cave temples. Best to go in the morning while it's not too hot. Didn't see any of the monkeys though, I saved the McChicken sandwich for them. Bummer. Show respect when entering temples like removing shoes and bowing and touching the floor before entering the prayer area. I quietly sat down and observed people practicing Hinduism. Very peaceful place.

- Got a budget taxi (red-colored ones, the blue ones are a tad pricier) after getting off KL Sentral. Wifi is free in the central station, by the way, and a visitors' info desk with free city maps are also available. Asked the cabbie to bring me to Beryl's Chocolate Kingdom in Imbi, meter was RM15. It was actually a couple blocks away from Berjaya Times Square and can be walked after getting off the bus. Chocolates galore - from dark to milk, with dried fruits and cookies and wafer and coffee beans and sprinkles! I got my sugar high from all the free samples the shop ladies were doling out. ;P

- Decided not to visit the Old Palace (Istana Negara) anymore which was MY's Supreme King's former palace and now a museum but the cab driver took the route that passed by it and pointed it out to me. I saw well-manicured lawns and am pretty sure, lavish interiors fit for royals are inside. :)

- Lunched and shopped for a bit (3 pashminas for only RM25/PhP350!) in Berjaya Times Square Mall and watched 'Transformers: Age of Extinction' for RM15. Thank you, Michael Bay, 3 hours of air conditioning! Haha! Also decided not to drop by Petaling Street (MY Chinatown) since a couple Singaporean friends said I could also find items sold there in Bugis Street or SG Chinatown.

- Final destination was Petronas Tower. Took selfies in the burning afternoon sun and retreated to the cool comforts of the swanky Suria KLCC Mall beside the towers. Had the Old Town White Coffee Hazelnut Freezy (super yum!) and Minced Chicken Rice.

- Caught a another cab back to Berjaya Times Square to make it to my 6:00pm bus ride to Singapore.

Terima kasih, Malaysia!

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