Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Decisions, decisions.

Today, I just passed up a really good opportunity and stuck with what I felt would be also be a great break for me.

I've asked my mentors in the past how does one decide when it comes to career choices? Is it where you'd enjoy more? Is it the compensation and perks? Is it the people you will work with? How would you know exactly?

Never-ending questions and no definite answers. But the one brilliant tip given to me from someone I look up to: 'Go with your gut'.

And I just did. *fingers-crossed*

PS: Yehey! May leave credits at HMO na ko! :D

Stitch grinning on top of my work desktop PC (Thanks, Alan Hackett!)


  1. Happy for ya Mel! I have career issues din.. Guess I'm not alone.. :D ~Abby

  2. Thanks, sweetie. Yeah, I guess at least once in our lives, we come at career crossroads and have to decide. Go with your gut! :)