Sunday, April 10, 2011

Kwentong Kaladkarin #13: Summer Sojourn in Singapura – Being Kids Again

Da Where: Singapore City, Singapore
Da When: March 26-28, 2011
Da Who: Larry and me! :)
Da Trivia: This is my second international travel and Larry's first! I had to renew my passport for this trip and luckily got the new one only 2 days before our scheduled flight. Whew, close call! :D
Da Words for the Day: "Walking distance lang, neng." ;D

Before dozing off the previous night, Larry and I promised that we'd wake up early on our last day and take a dip at the Changi Green pool that has been seducing us ever since we arrived in Singapore. And yes, we did rise and shine. :)

We had the huge pool all to our selves! :)

After quick breakfast of leftover pancit canton from Jam's catering event, we hustled to enjoy our last vacation day. We have Universal Studios and Sentosa Island lined up for today and Larry and I couldn't wait to be there. I was actually half-reluctant to shell out SG$66.00 for the USS tour since I already had the chance to visit the 'holy grail' of Universal Studios, the one in Hollywood. :D But then, excitement got the best of me and had a ticket reserved too. ;P

To get there, we needed to get to Harbor City station then another train ride to to Vivo City. Since it was almost lunchtime, we decided to get a quick meal before getting on the Sentosa Express. We scoped around Vivo City and found Food Junction, which funnily, is kinda set up the same as the one in Eastwood. It's similar to a food court with kiosks offering different cuisines. Since I wanted to eat something that is unique to Singapore, we settled down for Hainanese Chicken Rice, which was very flavorful. I tried the Rose Petal Juice but pushed the glass away after a couple sips. It did taste like drinking flowers. Hehe. :)

We passed by the National Geographic store in Vivo City and enjoyed the amazing photographs
Eastwood, is that you? :D Food Junction place in Vivo City, Singapore

Simply delish - Hainanese Chicken Rice

And the Rose Petal Juice I gave up on - tasted like drinking, well, roses. :D

Full and ready to go, we finally got on the Sentosa Express. The whole ride has three stations to stop at – Waterfront, Imbiah and Beach. Each will take you to different spots in Sentosa Island where you can roam and see the different attractions. Our first stop was Waterfront station which has Resorts World Sentosa and Universal Studios Singapore. Readying our printed tickets (Luigi reserved them in advance for us), we couldn't contain our excitement. :D

At Sentosa station, ready to get on the Sentosa Express
Universal Studios, we meet again, wooho! :D

We felt like two kids that were let loose in the playground after being cooped up. :D We started skipping to the different attractions and just had fun! ;P

Kingdom of Far, Far Away! :)

Queen Lareigh and her castle. :D

All smiles after our Shrek 4D mini-movie. :)


The crowd at Waterworld. Good thing we're sitting a little far from the 'splash zone'
Jurassic Park! Weeeeh!

Shelled out a little extra for this - SG$5/climb at Amber Rock Climb

At the top, baby! :)
With my spotter/guide, Yan Yang. He carried my weight when I rested up. \m/
Larry posing before his The Mummy ride, which he cursed me for after. :D

That is one hot pharaoh. ;P

I did not do the 'The Mummy' ride anymore, which is an indoor 4D roller coaster, because it was the same ride I tried in Universal Studios Hollywood and boy, I swore I'd never try it again. Haha! :D I left Larry for about 30 minutes and just gamboled around and when I went back to pick him up, he was ready to curse me to death. LOL! We strolled along the rest of the park and took tons of photos.

Battlestar Gallactica rollercoaster, which we didn't dare try. :D

Sci-Fi City
Re-imagination of a New York City street

A produce store, Universal Studios version

Doing a Serena van der Woodsen on the Met steps. LOL! :D

And Blair Waldorf hailing a cab. Hehe.

Pag-eemote lang. ;D

Nobody told me I owned a diner in Universal Studios! :D

Pin-up girl pose. Hehe.

With the Madagascar troops

Larry and Audrey Hepburn ('s star, that is). ;D

We wanna go back! ;)

It was already a few minutes past 1600 when we left Universal Studios and got on the Sentosa Express. Our next stop was Beach station, where Siloso Beach is. Larry have been wanting to go there to take lots of photos and I've been wanting to go there to watch the Songs of the Sea show. We decided to rent a bike (SG$17/2 hours) so it'd be easier for us to roam around and see the attractions.

Larry at Siloso Beach
Biking at Siloso. It's been years since I last got on a bike. :)

Larry @ the Merlion Walk in Imbiah

Finally, a photo with the merlion! :D

Taking on the Skyride Challenge. I was scared the whole time!

We were pretty high up, with only the movable bars to keep us in. Then we luged down. That was the only fun part! :D

Yes, we did! Paid SG$12 for a Skyride and Luge combo.
A snapshot from the Songs of the Sea show

Snapshot of Songs of the Sea, an amazing blend of water, laser lights and pyrotechnics!

After our Sentosa Island adventure, we rushed back to the Sentosa Express to get back to Vivo City and take the SMRT back to Bedok, then Changi. We had to prep our stuff and leave by 2300 to get to the airport. Our ETD for Manila was 0130. 

After a shower and finally packing up, we bade goodbye to our home for three days in Singapore and got into a luxurious Mercedes Benz taxi. Richie and Luigi are sending us off to the airport so they can bring us to see the main terminals of Changi Airport.

Rolling in style - a Chedeng bringing us to the airport. ;D

After leaving our luggage at Budget Terminal, we took the shuttle bus and the Skytrain to get to Terminal 3 of Changi Airport. I'm surprised to see the place still bustling with activity and we strolled around to get some tax-free chocolates at the Cocoa Tree and get something to eat before our flight.

Departure board at Terminal 3

An empty car of the Skytrain, so kelangan may photoshoot. :D

Lakwatserang Larry

Garlic Prawn U-mian

Refreshing Winter Melon Tea

Hot & Spicy Ban Mian

Waiting for the Skytrain back to Terminal 1

We barely had 15 minutes left to check in when we got back from Terminal 3 to Budget Terminal. The queue during boarding was horrendous, a little surprised that Cebu Pacific can be a little disorganized even in international flights. Nonetheless, we took off on time and Larry and I mostly slept the flight away, too exhausted to even chat. :D

Goodbye Lion City for now, but yeah, maybe in a couple year's time I'd be back. Wait for me, Marina Bay Sands Hotel's 57th floor infinity pool. ;D


  1. wow, kasya pala ng whole day ang USS + sentosa + song of the sea! perfect! ganyan din gawin ko this May, =)

    and btw, the stick Im talking about in Pulag, napulot ko lang yun in the trail. so nun di ko na sya feel gamitin, sinoli ko lang. hehe hindi naman ako nagkalat di ba? sorry! =)

  2. Haha, mag-apologize ba. :D Concerned lang ako na trekking pole nga yung naiwan. Haha! Good to know its a stick lang pala. :D

    Yep, kaya ng one day. Partida, after lunch pa kami nakarating ng Sentosa Island. :) Very efficient naman ang rail system nila dun kaya madali lang to get from one place to another. Enjoy your SG trip, I'll wait for your posts. :)