Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Kwentong Kaladkarin #30: Come South, Cam Sur! – Wakeboarding Woes

Da Where: CamSur WaterSports Complex, Pili, Camarines Sur, Philippines
Da When: October 20-23, 2011
Da Who: Me and my partner in crusade and crime, Vin! It's his birthday! :)
Da Trivia: Whoever said wakeboarding is easy, have him/her meet me and I'll give that person a good kick in the bum! :D

Note: The photos in this post are from the CamSur WaterSports Complex website, unless otherwise stated. Original watermark untouched, credits to owner.

The sun was barely peeping behind Catanduanes Island when we woke up and started to pack; need to go early so we can catch the 0700 boat ride from Guijalo back to Sabang. We'd be repeating the same long journey we took to get there to go back to Naga via boat and bus. Oh what fun! (insert sarcasm here). ;P

Oh but I can't wait to see CWC for myself, after a long time of wanting to. :)

Hello CWC and Mt. Isarog mirrored on the Cable Park lake :)
Kuya Ranel also woke up early so he can cook an early meal for us - tortang talong, hotdogs and sunny side-up eggs. I think I gained 5 lbs. from the 2 days alone in Caramoan. :D

After a heavy breakfast, we hopped on Kuya Henry's boat which will take us back to Guijalo port from Cabacongan. The trip will take a little over an hour. Too bad my camera's memory card already gave up on me yesterday so all my attempted shots of a gorgeous sunrise over Catanduanes and the hazy but beautiful Mt. Mayon in the distance were gone up in a smoke.

The Harry 01 passenger boat was about to leave when we docked at Guijalo. Whew! Good thing we made it, I didn't want to wait for 3 more hours for the next trip. We shelled out PhP130.00/pax for the ride. After almost 2 hours of the unbearable morning sun heat, we finally docked at Guijalo beach and paid PhP10.00/pax for a makeshift bridge the local porters constructed to get passengers from the boat to the beach without getting wet. In the past, they used to carry passengers on their shoulders. Nice. The bridge, it is. :D

We boarded a van that will take us to Naga from Guijalo in about 1.5 hours at P126.00/pax. It was scorching hot and hard to believe that only a week ago, Bicol was hit hard by the typhoons that visited our country.

After getting to Naga, we went straight for SM City (a welcome relief to my amenities-free eyes for the past 3 days) so we can purchase a few personal items and have lunch before we head to CamSur Watersports Complex.

They actually have a shuttle leaving from SM City Naga at 1200 but we decided to just take the commute going there so we can have lunch at Bigg's Diner instead. I've been wanting to try their famous baby back ribs and I was not disappointed. Vin and I also tried the Extreme Reuben burger and indeed, big flavor at really cheap prices. *burp*

Big tummies to fill! :)
Images from Bigg's Diner, CTO

We went back to the same bus terminal we went to for our ride to Guijalo. From Naga, you can board any of the Florencia or JC Liner buses bound for Lagonoy, or in fact any of the buses going to Albay since it'd pass by the marker to CWC. Just make sure you tell the bus conductor upon paying the PhP10.00/pax fare to drop you off there or you'll find yourself up close and personal with Mt. Mayon four hours later. :D

You can then take a PhP50.00 tricycle ride that will take you inside the Provincial Capitol complex where CWC is. If coming directly from the airport, you can take the CWC shuttle from there or take a Naga-bound bus from the airport highway. No need to head to Naga since CWC lies between the airport and Naga city proper.

I didn't expect the complex to be this vast. Though shuttle rides and service tricycles are available, expect to walk, walk, walk from one place to the next.

CWC map, for reference.

There are several amenities and facilities, including accommodations that will suit whichever taste you may have. We booked for a Villa del Rey Cabana so we can enjoy more space, though the Tiki Huts are so much closer to the Clubhouse and the pool.

The cabana goes for PhP1,700.00/night. A little steep for a room that didn't even have basic toiletries available but a cable TV and a hot&cold shower will do.

Villa del Rey Cabanas
Inside the cabana

After checking in, we changed into swimwear and headed to the clubhouse to check out the rates for wakeboarding. We spared a little more budget for CWC as we're expecting the gear rental and facility use would be expensive. It turned out not as exorbitant.

We tried the Beginners' Lake cable park for PhP165.00/hour/pax and deposited PhP500.00/pax for the gear (helmet, life vest and board) which we'll get back upon return. You wouldn't want t go over 2 hours for a beginner, trust me. Lest you want to spend the rest of the night swathed in menthol pain relief patches :D

To cut the long story short, I suck in wakeboarding. Hahaha! :D I kept trying and wiping out every single time! I only made it about half of the lake before splashing into the water. Oh well. I guess I can't do every physical activity with grace and poise every single time. ;P

Kudos to Vin though for doing it the very first time and did it standing on the board after a few tries. :) Way to go, birthday boy!

Even professionals like Peter Paschal Schmidt wipe out too! ;D
Then again, kids like Pippa Wilkings can do it easy. Hahaha!

An hour and a couple liters of lakewater in my system later, I finally called it quits and dragged Vin back to the cabana so I can take a shower and snooze before dinner.

Next time I was conscious, it was already 2000 and my stomach was rumbling. We headed back to the clubhouse for dinner and had sinigang na hipon, dumplings and Bicol's famous laing. Their Turones y Langka with vanilla ice cream for dessert was oh-so-good!

CWC's Clubhouse restaurant
Extra spicy Bicol's famous laing
They also offer night rates for wakeboarding if you still didn't have your fill earlier in the day but kicking back by the clubhouse poolside with a beer also works fine. Or, have a lakeside or room service massage for PhP350.00/hour to get those muscles kinks out after a tiring day.

Clubhouse Pool at twilight

After a very relaxing massage back the cabana, we packed our stuff in preparation for our early morning flight back to Manila.Too bad we couldn't stay longer. We didn't get to try Lago del Rey which had inflated water playgrounds and kayaking facilities available. I think this is more my type of water activities. ;D

Lago del Rey, with Mt. Isarog in the backgorund

Wait 'til I get back CWC. I know I can wear that wakeboard out. I really will, fingers-crossed! ;D

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  1. Im uber jealous with the kid. And in the first place, I can't swim :(

  2. No special swimming skills necessary, Travel Ria! :) You'd be wearing a life vest. :) A little kicking will help you get to the side faster when you wipe out though. :D

  3. Wow! This is great and by looking at your photos and reading your blog, it seems that you had an awesome day. Hope to visit this place soon. Thank you.

    1. Thanks for dropping by, Zummi! Photos are all owned by CWC but yes, I did have a blast there! :) CebuPac has Piso Fare now, go book for Naga!