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Kwentong Kaladkarin #31: Come South, Cam Sur! – The Trip's Travel Tips

Admittedly, I'm still a novice when it comes to budget travel. I really try not to spend over what I have initially budgeted but hey, I deserve a few splurges after working so hard, right? ;P

Also, I work full-time; so anytime I get a time off and go somewhere, I treat it as a vacation.

Reasons, reasons... :D

So anyway, starting with this post, I'd be sharing my itinerary and actual spend for my travels moving forward.

For our CamSur trip, it was only Vin and me so we had no one to split the costs with. All prices and contact info are updated as of October 2011.

We could have saved time and money if we had better planning skills. :D Check out the rest of my CamSur series for details and feel free to haggle and make adjustments for your own trip. :)

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Vin and I roughly shelled out about PhP9, 113.04 each – that includes airfare (CebuPac Piso Fare), taxi rides to and from the airport, terminal fees, accomodations, tour package cost (yeah, we availed tour services for this trip as I don't have any contacts in Caramoan), boat transfers, massages, souvenirs and food.

I might be a few hundred pesos off, plus-minus, with the calculation but its always good to put in a little allowance when you travel, just to be on the safe side. :)


Venzbay Travel & Tours - FB Page
Contact Patz Apil - +(63) 9082099910

Henry Bien - +(63) 9186826818
Boat Transfers from Guijalo and Island-Hopping

Jessie Siz - +(63) 9217135668
Boat Transfers from Catanduanes and Island-Hopping

Lingating Resort, Cabacongan, Caramoan Islands
Contact Ranel Chavez - +(63) 9296040152

CamSur WaterSport Complex, Provincial Capitol Complex, Cadlan, Pili, Camarines Sur
Contact Number: (054) 4773344 / (054) 4773349


  • Do take an earlier flight to Naga. Last passenger boat from Sabang port leaves at around 1300. Make sure you have enough time for bus travel to get there or you'd pay for a private boat ride. ;)
  • Do take the bus right from the highway, about a 5 minute walk from the airport exit or avail of free CWC shuttle services. No need to cough up for expensive taxi rides. PhP300.00/cab ride vs. PhP11.00/bus ride?
  • Do take a van ride from Naga to Sabang, it's faster and more convenient than taking the bus. Cheaper, too. The van terminal is right across SM City Naga and the bus terminal.
  • Do secure your valuables at all times. Vin lost his coin purse during island-hopping and later found out that our room at the beach resort was broken into. The resort owner did apologize profusely and retrieved the coin purse and even sent back the cash supposedly in it. Apparently, the culprit was a kid and he's not a local. All in the past now and the resort owner did provide the best service but it still wouldn't hurt to be extra careful.
  • Do go cheap and make your junk food groceries from SM City Naga before heading to CWC. Their chips and soda costs a few more pesos.
  • Don't be a prude. Join the in-flight games! On the flight to Naga, Vin won a travel pouch by default 'coz its his birthday. On the flight back to Manila, I won an inflatable neck pillow for the fastest passenger to show 2 coins with different colors. On our Cebu-Bohol trip last July, I won a box organizer for giving the correct answer to the question: "What is Malaysia's currency?" It makes the flight fun and with freebies! :) 
  • Don't be shy! Talk to the locals! A few nice Bicolanos pointed our way and helped us get to where we were supposed to be.

Ready for your own Survivor CamSur experience? Start packing and planning! :)

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