Monday, January 9, 2012

Kwentong Kaladkarin #32: Ravin' for Rumpa!

Da Where: 1307 Surla St., Balibago, Angeles City, Philippines
Da When: January 7, 2012
Da Who: Me and fellow carnivore, Vin. ;P
Da Trivia: Best steak for best price!

After a month of working and half-residing here in Pampanga, I finally found my own place and moved in this weekend. The sweet taste of independence! ;D These past few weeks, work friends have brought me to some good places to eat and one restaurant had me coming back for more.

Tucked in a nondescript street in Balibago, A.C. Rumpa Restaurant is one of Angeles City's food gems. I learned that their current location now is a newer address. Only the wooden boards with the restaurant's name carved into it will tell you the yummy things this place has to offer.

Stepping inside the gate, it would look like you just entered somebody's front yard, literally. Towering trees gave a nice shade on a hot afternoon and the wrought-iron chairs invites guests for a cup of coffee or a smoke. The specials for the day can also be seen from the menu board.

The place is known to locals for old Americana fare such as steaks, barbecue spare ribs, burgers , chili and breakfast specials. If all that foreign food sounded all expensive to you, fear not as all of their prices are reasonable and within-the-budget.

After about 5 minutes of placing our orders - Porterhouse Steak for me and Barbecue Spare Ribs for Vin - large plates were served before us, at only PhP205.00 and PhP195.00 for each dish. Yes, start droolin'! ;D

Drooooollll.... House special Porterhouse Steak

The servings were more than enough, even Vin wasn't able to finish his spare ribs when he was complaining he was already starving before going to Rumpa.

Next time you find yourself in Angeles City in Pampanga, don't miss out on this honest-to-goodness delish food. You might just find yourself daydreaming about it every other day. Which does not happen to me. Promise. LOL. ;P


  1. sama ako next time sa pag akyat mo. ihihihihi!kung kakayanin ko.hahahaha



    1. Haha, wala naman ata konek sa post na to ang comment mo pero sige go! Will invite you next time. :)