Monday, January 2, 2012

11 Kaladkarin Moments for 2011

As I sit here listening to intermittent explosions of firecrackers from excited merrymakers and inhaling its fumes, it's only about a couple hours until 2012 dawns on my part of the world. Moments like this lull me into reminiscing the past year after the hustle and bustle of the holidays.

I'm fishing out eleven can't-forget moments I have from the past 365 days. Moments that'll be forever imprinted in my mind...

11.) Welcome 2011! Climb

I started off the year with a heart-thumping climb with great hiking pals and my bestest friend in the world. That's what I call starting the new year with a bang. ;D

10.) United Nations Climb

It wasn't really. Haha! I just dubbed it as such 'coz this seems to be the only time I've climbed with folks from such diverse backgrounds and came from different countries. Though the threat of a storm loomed over us, it was all together a great hike and our foreign friends saw the beauty Philippines mountains can offer. :)

9.) Unforgettable Day Hikes with the Jamboree Mountaineers

I had the chance to do dayhikes with a group of awesome people from GMA 7's mountaineering group - which brought me to mountains in Bulacan, hiked up a boulder tower and witnessed an engagement! :)

8.) Give Love and More on Valentine's Day

One of the more worthwhile things I did for the past year was spend time with kids of Kabayan, Benguet on Hearts' Day. Seeing their bright grins, receiving their school stuff, was enough to melt anyone's heart. A second climb to freezing Mt. Pulag sweetly capped the event. :)

7.) Home Is Where the Heart Is

It felt wonderful to be home, even just for awhile. I wish I could take with me the warm, comforting food and people close to my heart wherever I go.

6.) Meeting the Awesome Ms. Janet Belarmino

I've been to Mt. Batulao several times but it's a first I'm meeting a mountaineering woman legend, Janet Belarmino. I was so awed, it was embarrassing. :D

5.) A Birthday Wish Granted

One of my long-time dreams came true on my 25th birthday - albeit a little surprisingly. Met some talented photographers who made my 'modeling fantasies' a reality for a day. :D

4.) Sojourning in Singapore

It's my only out-of-the-country trip this year but boy, was it action-packed! :) Together with a good friend, we pounded the culturally chic pavements of this Lion City like two crazed people. :D

3.) Longest Boat Rides Evaaaah! :D

Yes, I experienced that when we decided to go to CamSur for Vin's birthday. I thought a 13-hour bus ride to Sagada would be torture. But no! I'd take scenic mountain routes any day over almost 9-hours of deep, blue sea as far as eye can see. See, am making bad rhymes already. LOL! :D But the beauty of the Caramoan Islands made it all worth it. :)

2.) Cut Yet Charmed by Cebu

The Queen City of the South left a nicely-sized scar on my right knee but what's a good travel memory without a few bruises and painful stories to tell, right? :D The delicious food, down-to-earth people and  thrills this bustling city could offer well made it up for my teeny weensy cut. ;P

1.) I Left My Heart in Bohol

What better way to celebrate an anniversary with your bestest friend and pakner than in one of Philippines' paradise? :) I wish I can go back every weekend. :D

I am not sure what promises the year 2012 holds. The only thing am sure of - I'll never stop exploring and seeing the wonders this world can offer. ;D Cheers to the new year!


  1. ayos na ayos! grabe din ang adventures! adventure na adventure - lol andaming word na adventure. haha.

    cheers and happy new year to you Mel! napapahiya ako sa climbing adventures mo. - ayan na naman. hehe

  2. ganda ganda ni madam :-)



  3. @soloflightEd - Hahaha! Natawa nga ako sa dami ng word na 'adventures' but I have to agree, isn't that why we travel, to seek adventure? :D Hope to climb with you one day too! :)

    @GirlsRunTheWorld - Thanks, May! :D I visited your domain, antaray, may sarili na! Haha! Keep it up!