Thursday, May 31, 2012

Kwentong Kaladkarin #35: A Night in Not-The-Same Nagsasa Cove

Da Where: Nagsasa Cove, San Antonio, Zambales
Da When: May 19-20, 2012
Da Who: me, Deej, Jam, Zee, Adam, Leo, Mark, Iggy and Ron
Da Word for Da Day: 'Gullible's Travel!' :D

0330 MNL, Thursday, At Work

Jam: Mel, want to join us on a trip to Zambales this weekend?
Mel: Uhh.. Uhm... Sure! Magkano budget?

In a span of a one-minute conversation, I agreed to go on a weekend adventure without much thought. Kaladkarin talaga. Lol! :D

Saturday late morning after shift found us snoring on a 20-minute cab ride from Eastwood to the Victory Mall terminal in Caloocan. I'm sort of getting to be an expert on this power naps enroute to my weekend destinations after Friday graveyard shifts. Ah, the life of a nocturnal laborer. :D

Hitting the sack and the road. :D

It was almost noon when the Iba-bound bus left the terminal (one-way tickets at PhP265.00) and we're soon in NLEX. We tried to doze off but the seats were a li'l uncomfy so at times we just contented ourselves with the outside views whizzing by as we traversed the provinces of Bulacan, Pampanga, Olongapo and Bataan until we reached Zambales after four hours. We got off the San Antonio town proper right in front of the municipal hall.

San Antonio welcomed us with blue skies and colorful fiesta decor. :)

We divvied up the palengke list and off we went getting the necessities for two nights of not having the nearest 7-Eleven. And yes, that includes a case of San Miguel Pale Pilsen and 5 bottles of Emperador Light. Necessities, I said. ;D

Ang mga palengkera. Bow.

We then got on tricycle that will bring us to Pundaquit, our jump-off point to the coves. The fare is PhP90.00 for 3 people and I loved how a tiny tricycle was able to fit all our stuff. It was equipped with a metal contraption in the back meant to hold bigger weight tied with ropes. :D

Lulled to sleep by the waves. I think I was asleep 5 minutes after I took this shot. :D

It was nearing sunset when we finally got to Pundaquit and met Ate Liezel, our contact for the boat. We immediately brought our stuff to the beach and on to the boat manned by her husband, Kuya JR. It was another two hours over the waves and we're nearly awake for 24 hours now. I think I must've dozed off in the boat but not before I took a shot of a brilliant golden sunset meeting the sea.

There always something about sunsets...

As we approached Nagsasa, it was nearing dusk but I could see the whole stretch of the beach twinkling with lights. Wow, I remember arriving in this unknown cove three years ago and we were enveloped in the darkness of the night, only met by a solitary flashlight from the only Aeta family living there. I was a little surprised that we had to go all the way back, about several meters away from the beach and into the tree cover already to get to our camp site. The beach-side areas were already filled with happy campers. They have nipa-and-bamboo cottages built now and even decent shower areas. How fast this place was reached by civilization! Not the same Nagsasa I met for the first time.

We quickly settled down and cooked our dinner after setting Leo's camp light aglow and pitching our tents. Grilled yellow fin tuna, bangus, eggplant, salted egg/tomato/onion salad and green mangoes with alamang are on the menu. I think everyone had seconds. Except for Deej, who was counting calories. Lol! :D

Food! :)

To cap off the the night, out came the Emperador Light, San Miguel Pale Pilsen, guitar and pulutan. After several rounds of tagay, Adam, our friend from Liverpool, was finally brave enough to try balut. Watching the video we recorded still makes me crack up now. :D

Booze and balut! :)

The hazy rays of the morning sun was almost up when we finally decided to call it quits. Most of us went for a quick dip in the steel-gray yet calm waters of Nagsasa to wash out the alcohol buzz. I think I rested my head in the tent for about an hour or maybe two, details are blurred now. Hehe.

Daybreak swimming

Nagsasa the morning after. Starting to get crowded but still beautiful.

Our campsite beneath the trees.

Nevermind sleep. Nagsasa may have changed but one thing hasn't – it was one heck of a day (and night) in good company. :)

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