Thursday, May 26, 2011

Kwentong Kaladkarin #17: Flashback Files* - Zoning Out in Zambales

Da Where: Nagsasa Cove, Pundaquit, Zambales
Da When: February 14-15, 2009
Da Who: me, Vin and the VEAT folks
Da Trivia: It was VEAT's anniversary trip - time to chillax and just hang loose on Valentine's Day! :)

Zambales lies on the western shores of Central Luzon, its coastline famed for untouched (or at least, used to be) beaches and serene islands. I have been climbing for a few months with the VEAT folks (Ventus Eco-Adventure Team) and when they sent out an invite to do beachineering  instead of mountaineering for their 2009 anniversary celebration, I said yes immediately! I don't know how to swim an inch to save my life but boy, does the sight and sound of waves and sand excite me! :)

The view that waited for us... :)
The group has been to the more popular Anawangin Cove and Capones Island so this time they decided to go to Nagsasa Cove instead. After a 4-hour drive to Pundaquit, we had to take another 1.5-hour boat ride to get to this tiny piece of heaven; far from the maddening crowd, devoid of civilized noise, electricity and network signal. If this isn't a zone-out place, I don't know what is. :)

The boat ride was fun! Though seeing the blue-green deep waters made me jittery for a bit. :D

That time, there was only a small cluster of locals living in that area, a couple or so families of Aetas. We shared a few basic necessities that we've brought for them, such as medicines and some groceries.

We haven't been back since so I'm not sure if their number has grown since then. I'm seeing a lot more tourist traffic in the blogosphere mentioning  Nagsasa Cove too. I hope the place is still as beautiful and peaceful as I remember it.

A pristine shoreline. I wish Nagsasa Cove still looks like this now.

We did an overnight camp (there was no hut structures and only one water pump available) along the beach, with only the added protection of pine trees. Yes, pine trees were growing along the beach! It is what made the beaches in Zambales such a delight for photo opportunities that even the local actress/host Rica Peralejo (who also enjoys hiking) had her pre-nuptial photoshoot in Anawangin. We had the most beautiful night and stargazing was such a treat.

Not a wave in sight. Only a serene cove like Nagsasa can bring.

Haha, mukha akong lukaret dito. Photo opp! :D

The boys of VEAT in their signature faux-naked shot. ;D

Aside from pine trees and white sand, the far corners of Nagsasa Cove also had huge boulders that you can clamber up to.

Si Sergio at si Marimar. LOL! Peace, Vin. ;D
Photo credits: Laura Esguerra-Quioge

I know I take crappy photos with my point&shoot camera but indeed, Nagsasa Cove was a delight for sore eyes and stressed minds. Anyone willing to split the boat rent cost with me? Let's go beachineering! :)

*Flashback Files is a series of posts on past kaladkarin adventures prior to the creation of this blog.


  1. Id love to split the boat rent with you! WOW AS IN AMAZING view!!!!

  2. @Missy S - Thanks for dropping by! Too bad rainy days are here. :( Perhaps next summer, I'll take you up on splitting that boat rental cost. :)

  3. mukhang ang saya nyo dyan ah. hehehe. nice header by the way! :D

  4. @Ed - Yes, it was a fun Valentine's Day we spent in Nagsasa. :) Thanks, tinkered with the header last week. That is what happens when I get bored. ;P