Saturday, March 12, 2011

'Sabel, This Must Be Love!

Yes, I know it is indeed love when it's already hurting my pocket yet I'm still giddy whenever I get to shop for stuff I'd use for hiking/outdoors. Haha!

I want more blue-hued outdoor gear! ;D

Gray Lakambini trek shorts and sandals from Sandugo; blue Light My Fire spork and Aquazorb towel freebies from R.O.X.


  1. hay. outdoor gear, im more excited to buy stuff for traveling/trekking rather than any other type of clothes. haha!

  2. Haha! Tama ka dyan! For a girl, am still giddy over shoes and stuff pero mas hina-high ako whenever I get new pair of trekking pants or a new headlamp. Haha! :D

    Sana next time you're here in Luzon, climb naman tayo, sir. :) With beach or falls sidetrip, of course. ;P