Wednesday, March 9, 2011

There's A New Mermaid On the Block

...or at least a revamped, polished-up version of the fish-tailed woman, that is. On your favorite Starbucks drink cup.

Kaya pala free upsize for a week, pro'lly just to use up all of their remaining old logo cups.

So, does Starbucks need not the name 'Starbucks' anymore on their well-known logo and just have the green-hued mermaid on it? Watchuthink? ;)

The green mermaid, all alone.




  1. I've long given up on Starbucks when I realized how much I could save for my travels. Maybe when I've a little more, I'll drop by once in a while.

    Free upsize? Galeng ah!
    Hi Mel, inform lang kita na I don't have an option to type my URL and name sa comment box. :D


  2. You know what, I might just give up Starbucks soon to stock up my "lakwatsa" funds. Haha! For now, di ko pa ata kaya. Haha!

    Thanks, will check how I can get this comment box snazzier. Newbie to this whole blog thing. ;D