Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Outdoorsmanship Courses Offered by Ms. Janet Belarmino

Hey you, adventurous soul! In case you wanted to undergo basic to advanced mountaineering courses, SCUBA diving training and license, etc; Ms. Belarmino and husband Todd offers several options.

I was lucky enough to get a business card from her and this is what it contains:

Janet Belarmino
Mt. Everest Team & Voyage of the Balangay Team
Ph# +639185045220 / Ph# 639165131504

We can develop a special program just for you, your group or family. We offer:

* Basic to advanced mountaineering courses
* Rock climbing and rope courses
* SCUBA diving and snorkeling courses
* Sail training

And "Inspirations from the Edge" slide show presentations on: Everest Experience, Voyage of the Balangay Experience and Sailing Around the World Without an Engine

Feel free to reach the contact details provided. Until recently, when Ma'am Janet corrected my wrong notion that I need to know how to swim for me to scuba dive, I've always been weary of signing up for diving trips. Now that that myth has been debunked, I, for one, would want that SCUBA training which includes certification and issued license to dive anywhere in the world! Sweet. :)

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