Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Kwentong Kaladkarin #16: Flashback Files* - Livin' It Up in Lake Caliraya

Da Where: Eco Saddle Resort, Lake Caliraya, Cavinti, Laguna, Philippines
Da When: May 30-31, 2009
Da Who: me and Lala
Da Trivia: It was such a treat to tour Laguna, in all its quaintness and rustic beauty. :)

A couple years ago, one of my besties, Lala, invited me to join a birthday celebration of one of her college friends from UP Los Baños, Paul. I couldn't contain my excitement when I knew it will be in Caliraya. I've read up great stuff about this man-made lake in Laguna. That time, I was also going through a personal struggle so I couldn't refuse such a tempting offer for some time off. :) 

Caliraya has several resorts offering several water sports and activities and guests can camp on the banks of the lake, or stay in nipa huts constructed. We stayed at Eco Saddle Resort and had a hut reserved for our group. Of course, everything was paid for and all Lala and I had to do was show up. :D

The sky was overcast when we got to Laguna but it didn't stop us from dropping by at UPLB and sample their famed nearby off-campus shawarma at Doner Durum. I was also impressed with how Los Baños started using paper bags in all purchased merchandise, even when buying something from MiniStop. This was in 2009, I hope they still practice this until now.

Doner Durum = delicious, affordable shawarma!

Then off to Cavinti, we go! :)

A little cloudy but a placid, beautiful lake greeted us.

No amount of rain could dampen our spirits. :D

Trying my hand at wind surfing. It looked easy but it was hard! The sail was really heavy! :D

Now this was fun! I found jet-skiing easy and such and adrenaline rush! :)

With Lala and Paul, the birthday boy. :)

Super payat pa kami ni Lala dito. Haha! T'was indeed a fun weekend.

The sun peeked at us a little the next day.

If I had the chance, I would love to go back to Lake Caliraya. Just the sight of the calm waters is enough to soothe one's frayed nerves or heart. :)

*Flashback Files is a series of posts on past kaladkarin adventures prior to the creation of this blog.


  1. Taralets balik tayo dun! :) Mishu. I had fun din sa trip na 'to. :)

  2. @Lala - Tara! Pero dapat may manlibre saten ng water activities. Ang mahal eh! :D