Monday, May 30, 2011

Massage in a Mall: Mont Albo Massage Hut

My younger brother, Brian, is over for a couple of days from Naga where he's been for the past two weeks for an event. He'd fly home to Iloilo tomorrow so I thought I'd treat him out for a movie before he leaves. Yes, we watched Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides and yes, Johnny Depp is . Always was and always will. ;D

Since we were already in Market! Market! in Fort Bonifacio, I decided to go for a massage in the newly-opened Mont Albo Massage Hut. I am a huge fan of their massages since 2008 in their Oriental Gardens branch (which then moved to JAKA, the building right across). I used to live a couple blocks away from this branch and worked practically next door so getting a massage before or after work was a breeze, especially since they had 24-hour operations before. I found out about a year ago that they don't anymore. For a nocturnal creature like me who works crazy hours, this was sad news. ;(

Mont Albo Market! Market!
Photo credit: Mont Albo Facebook page

Anyhow, I was again excited when I learned from the Mont Albo Facebook page that they've opened their Market! Market! branch two weeks ago because I now live a few minutes away from Bonifacio Global City. I was excited to have the Mont Albo signature massage again and find out if it was still as good as I remember it.

Their new branch is located at the 4th floor of Market! Market! Taguig, beside Healthway Clinic and appointments can be set by calling (02) 775-4014; though walk-ins are accommodated if there are available therapists, like we did. If you do wait, it'd only be an hour or so, which you can kill by doing some more shopping. :)

Customer waiting area
Reception area

We were greeted by a friendly female receptionist who immediately asked for our massage preferences, which is of course the signature Mont Albo massage. It was only PhP300.00/person for a 60-minute massage and because of the 20% branch opening discount, I only paid PhP240.00/person. I liked how the receptionist pitched an add-on Bentosa but did not press further when I declined. In some massage places I've been to, the receptionist would pester you to death until you get the higher-priced massage package, which adds to the stress, not reduce it.

We were then ushered to the massage area, partitioned by white cloths and lined with bamboo walls, giving a homey bahay-kubo feel. I did not take photos inside anymore. I asked if boxer shorts are available (which I remember were provided in the Oriental Gardens branch before) and I was informed it was not so I had to make do with the massage blanket given.

Ate A., my massage therapist, started with soothing strokes. Do note that the Mont Albo Signature Massage combines traditional strokes and techniques of Swedish, Shiatsu and Thai-Yoga massages so expect to be kneaded, stretched and pounded. :) The therapist had sure, even hands and massaged the knots out of my muscles, especially my lower back area. I also liked that it was a semi-dry massage as I'm not comfortable walking out to the public looking all shiny from the massage oil.

The rest of the one hour was just pure bliss and I had drifted off to oblivion a couple times, except when the massage area door opens and the outside mall noise wafts in, which the piped-in nature music can't drown out. Perhaps soundproofing can be improved for this branch? :)

We were offered a cup of piping-hot tea after the massage and I was given a 7+1 promo card (additional PhP10.00) which I could have stamped each visit, giving me a free 1-hour massage after getting seven stamps. The card is valid for 6 months but I think I might just fill it out before November. ;P Brian was also satisfied with his massage and commented that it was 'nami' (Hiligaynon for 'great') and that he didn't feel uncomfortable with his female therapist Ate P., at all.

The Mont Albo 7+1 Promo Card

It is the perfect, relaxing yet affordable way to cap off your shopping sprees. Or skip the retail therapy all together and just head to Mont Albo for a massage. Who says relaxation need to be expensive? :)


  1. great article =)

  2. @Anon - Hi, thanks for dropping. Hope I helped you have choices for relaxation places to go. :)

  3. i just want to share my experience with MONT ALBO HUT @ MARKET MARKET, nag request ako ng Mont Albo Massage cost 300/1hr, then while lying on bed, the therapist asked me to changed it into shiatsu massage kasi daw ung Mont Albo massage pindot pindot lng, well sabi ko sige kung ano ang maganda at nakaka relax..ok nga ang massage, then nung nagbayad nako, i was surprised sa bill ko which is 350 instead of 300, and may naka noted na changed to shiatsu kaya naging 350, but tahimik lng ako and still giving a tip to the therapist...i was disappointed kasi di man lng sila nag inform na iba ung price. will go back again @ Mont Albo? well yes for the sake of massage, but will not go back again due to the attitude ng therapist.

  4. @Anonymous - Aw. That doesn't sound like a good experience. :( I'm not affiliated with Mont Albo but I suggest you go to their Facebook page ( and leave a complaint. You can note in the name of the therapist and the date para the management can do something about it.

    Hope you have a better relaxation experience next time. :)

  5. thanks for the info. very useful.

  6. I love their massage and their services as well! would like to come back esp. now that they had a promo from Metrodeal posted on their website: Mont Albo Spa