Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Kwentong Kaladkarin #15: Flashback Files* - California Chillin'

Da Where: Southern California, United States
Da When: January 5-20, 2008
Da Who: me and Ate Lie
Da Trivia: My first time out of the country and my first into sunny California, in the land of milk and honey. Hopefully not the last! ;P

A little over three years ago, I was privileged enough to be given the chance to be sent to the USA for a couple weeks' work. My visa and passport were all sponsored by my company, and so was everything else.

I traveled together with a colleague, Ate Lie, and yes, we did work! But of course, it didn't hurt to insert a li'l bit of fun. ;D

Finest shopping district this side of town @ Rodeo Drive. Window shopping lang, mahal eh! :D
On one of the two weekends we had, a friend of Ate Lie who's already lived in the L.A. area drove all the way to Aliso Viejo, a good 2 hours away to pick us up. He graciously toured us in downtown L.A. and neighboring cities and brought us back to the Marriott Hotel where we're staying.

Enjoying the free breakfast buffet at the Marriott Hotel lobby where we stayed in Aliso Viejo

He brought us to Disneyland in Anaheim (which we didn't enter anymore since it was darn expensive), Sta. Monica Pier, Hollywood Blvd, Rodeo Drive and Universal Studios Hollywood then drove us back to Farmer's Market in Orange County. I think it was the most tiring Sunday I've ever had. :D

Universal Studios Hollywood

Simpsons' gal

Overlooking the Universal Studios backlot

Houston, we have a problem. LOL! :D

Dropped by at Disneyland!

Happiest place on Earth! So they say. :)

Sta. Monica Pier. Flashbacks of 90210, anyone? :)

Sta. Monica Beach with the US soldiers memorials on the sand, for those who were sent to Iraq

Overlooking the valley @ Aliso Viejo, a short walk to where we worked for 2 weeks

Harry Potter actors' hand and footprints @ Grauman's Chinese Theater. Teehee! :D

Hello? I need Superman, please! :D

Downtown Los Angeles in the daylight glare.

Kodak Theatre, where the Academy Awards are usually held.

Tiffany & Co. @ Rodeo Drive; we dropped by and scoped the jewelry. A simple heart pendant cost US$  10,000!  Nearly cost me a heart attack! Haha!

Sta. Monica Pier

Farmer's Market

We also met some great people who worked for our vendor partner. They even gave us tickets to see a sneak preview of the 2008 'apocalypse, end-of-the-world, second-Godzilla' movie, Cloverfield, which totally gave me a headache after watching it.

Still can't decide if I hated or loved this movie. Oh well, it was a freebie, anyway. :D

Then they took me out for drinks and some partying in the Newport Beach area. Yes, I got tipsy so much after drinking so little that I dropped and shattered the water glass I was holding. Good thing the two Fil-Am girls who took me out, Christine and Toni, took good care of me and I got back to the hotel in one piece. Fun times! ;D

Partyin' with Christine and Toni (both Fil-Ams) and the gang, work counterparts in the US. :)

Yes, I did work, promise! Di puro lakwatsa! Hahahaha!  ;D

I still have tons of photos and videos from that two-week business trip but the memory capacity of my blog account won't be enough for all of it. Haha! I had so much fun and learned a lot about the American culture! I loved the weather, chilly at night and bright and sunny during the day.

Wish I could go back someday. My visa doesn't expire until 2017, after all. ;P

*Flashback Files is a series of posts on past kaladkarin adventures prior to the creation of this blog.


  1. ang saya naman! free! noticed you're also from Iloilo... nami lng kung free noh?! hehehe i can relate coz i got treated to a 3 month trip naman 2 years ago.. work thing too.

    sadya gid ya!

  2. @happysole - Haha, correct! Best things in life are ones that come free. ;D Yes, full-blooded Ilongga but I work in Manila now. Will be home for the holidays though. :)